Main image of article Parents Prepare: Your Kids Want an iPad Mini
Battering RamIf you’re a sucker for buying your kids almost anything in the name of education, be prepared to defend yourself against the iPad mini. And do it now, because the timing for your offsprings’ assault couldn’t be better: Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, isn’t all that far away. As a parent who sacrificed my unlimited data plan in order to avoid huge data bills from my data-hogging teenager -- in other words, someone who's incredibly vulnerable to these things -- here's some arguments your kids may try on you, and some suggestions on countering them. Child: "I can download iBooks Author to study. Textbook publishers use it to create interactive diagrams, videos and more, and it's in 2,500 U.S. high schools. This will help my grades." You: "So will opening a book. When your grades come up, then maybe." Child: "It's barely 8 inches high and will easily fit in my backpack. Really. And I won't let my books crush it, I promise." You: "Hmm. "Lets practice with your sandwich. You say you don't eat it because it gets crushed. Find a way to protect the sandwich first." Child: "It's cheaper than a regular iPad. It's only $329 for the 16GB, WiFi version, not $499 like a regular iPad." You: "Yes, it is cheaper. But your school books are free and you can use the home      computer and to access iBooks Author." Child: "It'll provide me with cutting-edge learning and help me get into the (name the college of your choice)." You: So will cracking open the books on a regular basis and attending all those cool science camps I send you to under protest. Now that you're armed, be especially prepared for the final assault. Child: "I'll also let you use it" All I can say is: "Be strong."