The Aid At a time when pundits are heralding the arrival of "the Post-PC era," it's intriguing to see what some of the world's most innovative tech designers think these post-PC PCs may look like. Tablets? They're so 2011. Wait till you see 2020. Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Design have announced the winners of their Fujitsu Design Award 2011: A LIFE with Future Computing, which sought to spark the development of PC-related designs that can bring innovation to people's daily lives. From 1,000 designs, the grand prize went to "The Aid," a sleek "smart" cane by Lithuania's Egle Ugintaite. The device monitors its user's vital stats as she walks and transmits the data to whomever is monitoring it. Runners-up include componentized laptops/tablets that could be snapped together in a variety of ways depending on what the user needs to do, real-time coffee cups that transmit your mood as you hold them and perhaps most intriguing, a motorized flying balloon that could follow you around and record your activities while you're on vacation to share your experiences with others while providing you with travel guide information. And for the sentimental among us: How about a digital vase that holds virtual 3D flowers? You'll snap a 3D photo of a flower and transit to your loved one's vase, where it will float like a hologram. Someday, Mother's Day may be a whole lot easier. Source: Fujitsu