USB Optical Mouse with Digital Photo Frame Steve Jobs might want to eliminate the mouse, but those of who like the little guys have another reason for keeping them: the USB Optical Mouse with Digital Photo Frame. Yes, that's right. Now you don't have to clutter your desk with all those pictures of spouse, family and dog. Brando Workshop -- which sells a bunch of gadgets, tech products and, I kid you not, women's tech accessories -- now offers a mouse with an embedded 1.5-inch LCD digital photo frame built right in. Also built in is 8M of memory, support of JPG and BMP graphics and a slideshow mode. Is it sad that I also like the fact it doesn't require a driver? All of this for a mere $32 plus shipping. Don't have a spouse, family or dog? No problem! Just browse Brando a bit and you can put together a slide show of products you're sure to fall in love with, like the USB Hedgehog Massage Optical Mouse or, for you ladies, the USB Jewel Gun Flash Drive. Thanks to Technabob