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There's this thing every industry player wants the public to believe -- piracy is killing their business, and pirates are selfish individuals who'll never contribute. But not everyone agrees. One of the most popular theories on piracy -- pirates will never buy anything anyway. A recent report by the Society for Consumer Research (GfK) suggests a more unconventional theory: Piracy is indeed affecting the entertainment industry, but not adversely. Contrary to popular belief, they buy more DVDs and music, go to the cinema more often, sometimes even on more expensive weekends. "In fact, the study also found that Internet users treat these services as a preview, a kind of 'try before you buy,'" writes TorrentFreak. But since the the report contradicts what the survey's sponsor tried to prove, it will probably never make it to the wider public. However, the key findings revealed by the anonymous GfK source is sufficient to suggest the efforts taken by the entertainment industry to curb piracy are counter-productive -- at least in terms of sales volume and not "profit" gained from lawsuits. Photo credit: Catherine Source: TorrentFreak