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Body language plays a big part in whether or not an interview is successful. So before you go in, it's worth taking a few minutes to think about how you'll stand, sit and move around. If you’re offered a choice of seats choose a hardback chair rather than a sofa where you’ll sink down and find it harder to project authority and leadership. Sit comfortably erect, leaning slightly forward with your feet planted on the floor. Sit close enough so you can communicate easily but not so close that you're invading the interviewer's space. Click here to see developer jobs. During the conversation, show your enthusiasm with your eyes, facial expressions and body movement. All of this must be natural or you’ll come across as inauthentic. When you want to emphasize something, use deliberate arm or hand gestures, but always in a relaxed, comfortable way. Don't get too intense. Also, be sure to avoid slanting your head to one side or nodding excessively in agreement. These come across as submissive gestures. How do keep all of this in mind and still appear natural? Practice. Just as you should rehearse for what you're going to say, you want to plan for how you'll move from the time you walk into the office until the time you leave.

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