Main image of article Porting 'Half-Life' and 'Doom' Onto Android Wear
Fifteen years ago, you needed a PC to play games like Doom or Half-Life. But thanks to the march of progress—and some ingenious tinkering on the part of a couple of independent developers—you can play big, complex games on a tiny, simple smartwatch. Developer Dave Bennett has a couple of links (and a YouTube video) demonstrating step-by-step how he ported the sci-fi game Half-Life onto an LG G. Other intrepid software folks, meanwhile, have spent the past few months showing off Doom and Minecraft on Android Wear. (Hat tip to Kotaku for the original link.) Granted, the touch-based gameplay on a smartwatch can’t compare to that of a keyboard and mouse, and you might have to squint to see whatever threat is about to doom your virtual avatar—but if you need a good example of how far hardware has come in the past few years, this one will probably do nicely.