Main image of article How to Post Your Dice Resume Anonymously

By Alicia Ouverson Some people prefer to post their resume without showing their name or contact information. Dice allows for this option-- you'll just need to set your profile as confidential. To do this:

  1. After logging into your Dice account, click on the ‘Manage/Add Resumes’ link in the My Resume section of your dashboard page.
  2. In the Available Resumes section, click the Edit link to go to the Edit Profile and Resume page.
  3. In the first section under Search Settings, click the radio button next to 'Confidential'.  This will hide your contact info on your profile.
  4. If your action was successful, you will see a message that says, ‘Your Profile has been successfully saved.’  Your name will appear as “Confidential Candidate”, and your contact information will be removed from your profile.

if you want to be fully confidential, make sure you remove your name and contact information from your resume. Even if you make your profile settings confidential, employers will still be able to see all the information contained within your resume. Do you have other questions on how to use Dice? Post them in the comments below. Alicia Ouverson is a veteran of Dice’s Customer Support department, though she’s moved on to become an account coordinator. If you have questions about how to use Dice more effectively, post a comment below and she’ll answer it in a future blog post.