Main image of article Posted IT Jobs Slip in North Carolina

North Carolina employers posted an average 3,320 IT jobs during October, a decline of about 10 percent from 3,730 in September and 3,700 in October of 2012. The drop was “unexpected as many job markets swing up during the fall," the North Carolina Technology Association said. Posted openings declined for non-IT positions as well. All segments of the IT market were affected, though software development felt the biggest drop, at 12.2 percent. The number of openings peaked at nearly 6,000 in March 2012. Subsequently, the NCTA said there was “no reason to be optimistic” in the state’s economic climate. The group has remained pessimistic since. However, CNN Money recently listed the Charlotte area on its list of fastest-growing cities for tech jobs while Forbes said Raleigh was among the cities winning the battle for tech jobs. The TechAmerica Foundation’s Cyberstates report  lists North Carolina among eight states that had tech wages that averaged more than twice the overall private-sector wage in 2012. And, it listed North Carolina as the seventh-fastest growing state for tech jobs, with annual IT wages averaging $84,300. Red Hat, Citrix and LPL Financial are among the companies that have been adding jobs in the state.