Main image of article Power Pwn Monitors Network Security... and Secretly
The device in the picture might look like a surge protector, but it isn't. It's a $1,295 security device called the Power Pwn, which was put together by Vermont-based Pwnie Express, with a little financial assistance from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The Power Pwn contains hidden Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters, along with a range of hacking and remote access tools. It's designed to allow network administrators to remotely test network security, without arousing any suspicions. Pwnie Express has also included a text-to-bash feature that allows the Power Pwn to be controlled via SMS. Pwnie Express CEO Dave Porcello says that after plugging in the device, users are able to “do a full-scale penetration test from start to finish.” He notes that Power Pwn's ease of use can not only save administrators time, but also contribute to security by allowing tests to be performed more often, and "more cheaply than they’re doing it right now."

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