How many project managers actually work from home? I'm always curious. Most of my time is spent managing teams or dealing with customers, so it would seem difficult to actually work from home. But some do it. I recently spoke to a few work-at-home PMs and got the lowdown on how to ensure organization, effectiveness and overall trust with the team they manage. Here are a few tips to ensure you get off to the right start and stay focused and effective throughout the project.
  1. Get some initial face time with the team
  2. Create a good working environment in your home space
  3. Be very organized with work time
  4. Set up frequent meetings to ensure contact time is high
  5. Be diligent with documentation
  6. Make use of video conferencing when available
Sound good? Depending on your company's policy or that of your client, it isn't a stretch to consider a work from home environment.