Since 92 percent of recruiters check out candidates on the Internet, a prudent IT professional should take basic steps to safeguard their online reputation by adjusting their privacy settings on social media sites and being careful about what they Tweet, blog or post. But even if you diligently practice the basics, you still might have an image problem unless you follow these steps. [youtube]

See What Others See

You may think your online image is pristine after searching for yourself online, but recruiters and IT managers may see different results when they search your name. Turn off the personalized results tab when Googling yourself, which will remove your location and preferences and gives you a more objective reading. Be sure to look beyond the first few pages of search results. Internet sleuth-hounds usually look at the final pages to get the inside scoop on candidates.

 See What Others Are Saying

Cleaning-up social networking sites isn’t enough. You need to see what others are saying about you, especially if you’re a target for comments, e.g., a supervisor, trainer, or speaker, or if you frequently post opinions under your own name, or searchable screen name. Get a feel for your reputation by running your name or handle through a free or low-cost reputation management tool, which scores others’ comments as good, bad or neutral.

Take On Critics

While people have a right to disagree with your opinions, refute critics who make inaccurate statements about your qualifications or thoughtlessly demean your reputation. If you're proactive, potential employers will see that you’re monitoring your image and have a chance to hear your side of the story.

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