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Ordering food via a smartphone? Easy, thanks to a growing variety of apps like GrubHub, which allow you to order takeout (or delivery) from a plethora of restaurants. But a group of teenagers decided to make the process even simpler—provided you really, really, really like pizza. Click here to find app-developer jobs. Like many a minimalist smartphone app, Push for Pizza cuts everything down to the essentials: push the giant pizza logo, select a nearby pizzeria, choose a pizza, and wait for it to show up on your doorstep. Yes, it’s simplistic, but simplistic apps are in these days: just look at Yo, the popular app that allows people to message the word “Yo” to one another, which raised $1.5 million in venture funding this summer. Valleywag’s Sam Biddle conducted a thoroughly tongue-in-cheek interview with one of Push for Pizza’s co-founders, Max Hellerstein, who cheerfully admitted that he’d sell the enterprise for a million dollars. “My team would have to agree, of course,” he added. “Audi’s [sic] for the whole team.” Joking (and delicious pizza) aside, the rise of ultra-minimalist apps could transform into an enduring trend. Rather than pack more functionality into a single app, large firms such as Facebook seem increasingly committed to breaking out multiple features into smaller, discrete apps such as Messenger. At the same time, startups have found that an app that does one small thing well can often prove as popular as one that tries to provide a platform’s worth of services. In the meantime, Push for Pizza’s creators should figure out what they’ll do for a second act. Maybe an app that orders falafel.

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