Main image of article Qualcomm Looking to Hire 429 IT Workers
Qualcomm advertised 774 jobs in May, the most of any San Diego County employer, says the California Economic Development Department.  And the company is still in the mega-hiring mode, with 429 engineering jobs listed in the United States and the bulk of them in the San Diego area. Qualcomm's open engineering positions include multimedia audio software engineer, mixed-signal design and modeling engineer, LTE software integration engineer and low-power design engineer. For those not familiar with Qualcomm, here'a quick cheat sheet:
  • Develops machine-to-machine sensors and chips for smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • Its Snapdragon processors power Windows Phones, including Windows Phone 8.
  •  The company, along with others, is pushing for a standard called Direct LTE that aims to connect devices on an ad-hoc basis over a short range without a hotspot.
Qualcomm is a major tech employer in the San Diego area, but it's far from the only one. Sharp Healthcare, which had 354 overall openings in May, still lists 17 positions in health IT. San Diego IT hiring overall is growing at a fast clip. Over the past year, it posted a 24 percent increase in tech job growth and ranked No. 8 on Dice's list of the fastest-growing tech job markets. In San Diego County, computer software engineering and applications, with 1,495 postings, ranked in the top  jobs category, followed by registered nurses and retail sales.

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