Main image of article Four Promising Areas Where You Can Look For a Job
Location MapThe number of tech jobs is growing in areas besides places like California's Bay Area, New York and Seattle. A new report from Dice found increasing opportunities in places like Raleigh, Missouri, and other parts of California. The highlights:
  • Raleigh is the fastest growing city for tech jobs. More than 1,100 positions there are listed on Dice each day, the report says. That represents 50 percent year on year growth.
  • In Sacramento, Calif., healthcare and technology companies are hiring. Salaries rose 6 percent to an average of $87,000. Meanwhile, San Diego's defense and aerospace companies are recruiting, and paying an average of more than $85,000.
  • In Missouri, Kansas City financial and legal firms are hiring. The average salary there is $75,000, up 13 percent.  In St. Louis, manufacturing and healthcare companies are looking, and tech salaries are around $71,000.
  • The fastest-growing market is Boston. More than 3,300 jobs are posted for area companies, up 24 percent from last year. Salaries are up 2 percent, to more than $88,000 on average.