Main image of article 'Real' Star Destroyer Selling on Craigslist
Did you see the latest trailer for the next Star Wars movie? A lot of people were blown away by one of the first images, which shows the wreck of an Imperial Star Destroyer half-buried in the sand of a desert planet. Some anonymous poster on Craigslist was so bowled-over by the visual, in fact, that he or she designed a hilarious sales posting for it, as if the Star Destroyer were a used Toyota instead of a galactic super-craft designed to pulverize planets. “Fully equipped with LeGrange targeting computers, heavy ion cannons, Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors, leather bucket seats, and a 15 disc cd changer,” it reads at one point. “This superstructure is perfect for long road trips with the family, discovering new galaxies, picking up girls for dates, and general destruction of your enemies.” The posting added: “Realistically, I just need it removed from my property, so all offers or trades will be considered. Make me an offer, no mind tricks.” Presumably the poster meant no Jedi mind tricks.

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Image: Disney