Main image of article Reddit App Gets Banned From Google Play
Reddit Coat of ArmsReddit is Fun, a third-party Android app for social news website Reddit, has been pulled from Google Play. The developer, Andrew Shu, or better known as talklittle on Reddit, says that he received the news from two separate emails from Google, notifying him that both the lite and pro version of his app have been banned for sexually explicit material. Admittedly, there is a subreddit for almost every topic or theme imaginable, or even unimaginable (don't ask) on Reddit. Some of them undoubtedly contain sexually explicit material. However, that is just a small part of Reddit, just like pornography websites are part of the internet. Users have the choice to refrain from subscribing to these NSFW subreddits and confine themselves only to mainstream subreddits like politics and technology. Banning a Reddit app for sexually explicit material is no different from banning an internet browser for pornography websites. And for some reason Google singled out and banned only "Reddit is Fun." A search on Google Play that reveals that all other popular alternatives, which provide the same core functionality to browse Reddit, are still available. Google's action is seen as radical, as even Apple, which is known for ruling with an iron fist when it comes to approving and banning apps from the iTunes App Store, has no problem with the official Reddit iOS app.