Ever wonder whether third-party recruiters are valuable allies in the quest for a steady paycheck, or more trouble than they’re worth? Job seekers often grouse about recruiting firms on Dice Discussions, but many issues can be resolved or eased with a little thought and effort. Here are some common complaints and remedies for improving your relationship with recruiters: Complaint: I wish recruiters would take the time to read my resume. I cannot tell you how many times I receive e-mails for jobs that I am just not qualified for. Resolution: You can discourage unwanted calls and e-mails by removing weak skills and random buzz words on your resume. Instead, add a specific headline that highlights your technical specialty and desired role.  But note, you’ll be forgoing a chance to parlay misguided recruiter calls into opportunities by explaining your strengths and asking about suitable openings. Complaint: Recruiters assume you’re unemployed and call during the day, or they wait until 6:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. to call and interrupt my family time. Resolution: Obviously it’s hard to please everyone. If you’re employed, control when you retrieve your messages and maintain some semblance of privacy. You can achieve this by using a separate e-mail address and phone number on you resume, online profile and portfolios. Answer the phone if you’re unemployed, because it’s better to have opportunity knock at an inconvenient time than not at all. Complaint: It's like I have to respond within 30 minutes of getting an e-mail or they'll ignore me. Resolution: Companies often give requisitions to several recruiting firms, so time is of the essence and if your recruiter is going to beat out the other firms in filling out the requisitions. If you wait to return their call, your recruiter has probably submitted other candidates by then. Agree on some sort of code for time sensitive issues and build trust by responding immediately. Complaint: Recruiters say they’ve submitted your resume to their client and are waiting for feedback, but they never follow-up. Resolution:  When you initially discuss the position, set a follow-up time and confirm via an invitation. Recruiters are more likely to keep set appointments. However, in this case, no news is probably bad news because your recruiter will definitely call if the client requests an interview. Complaint: Recruiters don’t understand technology. Resolution: They may not be technical wizards, but they know a thing or two about finding a job. Offer to trade expertise, because when it comes to landing a job in today's job market, two heads are definitely better than one. Tell us about your issues with recruiters and, yes, solutions are welcome.