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DICETV: What’s the best way to shorten your resume? Will it create problems if you update your resume before an interview? Today, it’s all about resumes during a segment that we call Ask Cat. I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. The first question is from Dave: Dear Cat, I’ve edited my resume at least five times, but it’s still three to four pages. Where am I going wrong? Well, Dave, start by excluding irrelevant and outdated information. It’s natural to be proud of your accomplishments, but focus on the last 10 years and only list skills and experience that match the job description. If that doesn’t do the trick, eliminate repetitious words by consolidating your task, responsibility and accomplishment bullets, or use an addendum to describe older jobs or less-critical experience. The next one’s from Confused in Connecticut. Dear Cat, I submitted my resume to a company over six months ago. They finally called but I’m afraid I’ll muddy the waters if I bring a revised resume to the interview. What should I do? Let’s end the confusion once and for all. You should definitely update your resume before the interview. The updating process will help you prepare for the meeting, and the manger is bound to ask about your recent activities and experience. Don’t make dramatic changes; just adjust the order of your bullets and tweak your value proposition, so your resume is tailored toward the company’s needs as well as the job description. The last one is from Baffled Bill in Buffalo. Dear Cat, I know soft skills are important, but how can I weave them into my technical resume? Don’t list a single technical accomplishment without asking yourself how. How did you achieve that feat, what hard and soft skills did you use? Now, weave the soft skills into each bullet, so it not only describes what you accomplished but how you did it. Well that’s it for this edition of Ask Cat. Keep submitting those questions because I’ll be answering them next month on DiceTV. I’m Cat Miller, and we now return you to your regular desktop.