Main image of article This Robotic Trash Can Catches What You Throw Away
This robotic trash can, which automatically catches trash as you'll see in the video, might look like a clever bit of fakery designed to sell Frisk mints. But the video shows us a design process that goes a long way toward proving it's real. It's called the Smart Trashbox, and it's the perfect “just because” project – the sort of thing that can only come together when you get a person with a high level of engineering expertise and access to expensive equipment who has too much time on his or her hands. The video provides a general overview of the design process and though it's in Japanese, it's fairly easy to get the gist of what's happening. A wall-mounted Kinect sensor tracks objects as they are thrown and the processor aboard the Smart Trashbox determines where it should move in order to catch the object. [youtube]