Main image of article Salesforce, Amazon Top Tech Companies Hiring Technologists

Which companies are hiring the most technologists? As you might expect, the current top employers of tech talent hail from multiple industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, and defense; if you want to work for a massive corporation, many are hiring right now. 

Emsi Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country, breaks down the companies that posted the most technology jobs over the past 90 days. Take a look:

Among tech companies, Salesforce tops the list when it comes to sourcing tech talent, surpassing even Amazon and Microsoft. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; the company has positioned itself well to take advantage of all the potential clients that need customer-relationship management (CRM) software. Over the past several years, Salesforce has also proven extremely adept at vacuuming up a range of customers, from city governments to big corporations and smaller companies.

Salesforce has also moved quickly to customize its office experiences in the post-pandemic environment. Employees have a choice of flexible schedules (i.e., in the office 1-3 days per week), full-time remote, or fully office-based. “Employee feedback has guided our re-opening strategy and how we’ll work going forward,” the company explained in a posting earlier this year. “We learned that nearly half of our employees want to come in only a few times per month, but also that 80 percent of employees want to maintain a connection to a physical space.” 

That flexibility, combined with Salesforce’s notably high compensation for those with the right mix of skills and experience, could make the company particularly enticing for technologists who want a solid work-life balance. If you want a job at Salesforce, you’ll need to master the Salesforce platform (fortunately, Salesforce’s training portal, Trailhead, features several ‘trails’ you can take to learn about it, with lots of pathways depending on your interests). In addition, Java and JavaScript are two of the most-used programming languages for those building Salesforce’s apps and services.

Amazon is also on a bit of a hiring binge, with a plan to hire more than 55,000 technologists and corporate employees. For many technologists who work for the e-commerce giant, mastering Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a must, along with Java, Python, C++, and the principles of software engineering.

The hiring sprees at Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, and other cloud-centric companies underscore how learning the principles of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and the cloud are key to a rising number of technology jobs. Whatever your current educational and training track, keep in mind that gaining a little more cloud knowledge never hurts.