Stephanie Sims

1 Dice Street  |  New York, NY 11101  |  000-000-0000  |

Talented VBA Developer with 6 years of experience developing successful custom applications


  • Proven background translating cell formulas in Excel into VBA code and using Excel-based VBA to design, analyze, and deploy programs for finance industry.
  • Extensive experience implementing software user interface improvements based on client needs.
  • Proven background completing projects under aggressive financial and time constraints.
  • Use Rapid Application Development (RAD) Programming techniques to develop and execute applications and manage end-to-end tactical solutions to meet business challenges.
  • Exceptional communication, analytical, and project management skills.


Applications: MS Office Suite, SAP, MS Project, Crystal Reports, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
Databases: Access, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase
Scripts: HTML, XML, CSS, VB.NET, C#, VBScript, ASP, JavaScript
Servers: SQL Server


ABC Incorporated, New York, NY
2006 - Present
VBA Developer
  • Responsible for all project lifecycle phases, from specifications and coding through deployment, testing, debugging, documentation, and maintenance.
  • Create VBA programs to automatically update Excel workbooks, encompassing class and program modules and external data queries.
  • Develop GUI interfaces using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to connect to Oracle and Sybase Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).
  • Ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, achieving 97% success rate.
  • Extensively use Excel functions in development, focusing on read/write integration to databases.
DEF Company, New York, NY
2004 - 2006
VBA Developer
  • Assisted with automation of finance department's manual processes by writing VBA code and using macros and formulas to speed processes and maximize accuracy.
  • Prepared visible columns and formulas; imported data from SAP and exported data for metrics.
  • Exported information from report generated by accrual database to accrual upload in SAP.
  • Worked directly with investment bank group to develop and implement priority solutions.
HJK Corporation, New York, NY
2002 - 2004
Developer/Systems Analyst
  • Aided in development and management of Access database solutions using SQL Server, including macros and reports.
  • Helped migrate legacy spreadsheets from front-office technology to valuation framework.
  • Assisted in creation of internal applications for marketing and customer relations departments, including financial reporting tools and reports.
  • Analyzed and tested systems. Provided on-site support and training for new users.
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science State University of New York, Albany, NY (2002)

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