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Galaxy Tab 2 10.1Samsung updated its Galaxy Tab line for 2012 with a 7-incher and 10.1-incher — both named Galaxy Tab 2. The centerpiece of the new tablets is the update of the operating system to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. You won't find any major hardware upgrades. The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will be powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 1280x800 PLS TFT display, 3-megapixel rear camera and a VGA front camera, 16/32GB storage, 1 GB RAM, and a 7,000 mAh battery. They are exactly identical to the hardware of the original Galaxy Tab 10.1, save for the front camera (originally 2-megapixel) and the tablet's thickness (originally 8.6mm, Tab 2 will be 9.7mm). The specifications of the 7-incher aren't very exciting either. It comes with a 1Ghz dual-core processor, 1024x600 PLS TFT display, 3-megapixel rear camera and a VGA front camera,  8/16/32GB storage, 1GB RAM, and a 4,000 mAh battery. Consider it an upgrade from the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab. However, save for the updated operating system, the same can't be said when comparing to the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Both of the new Tabs will be available next month in the UK, but pricing hasn't been announced (it had better be low, though). As mentioned above, both of the new tablets aren't much of an upgrade from their predecessors. In fact, some features have been downgraded, such as the front camera and the 7-incher's processing power, as compared to the Tab 7.0 Plus. What really matters in the new line is Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which will also be made available on the original Galaxy Tabs some time down the line. If you already have the original Galaxy Tab, there's really no reason to spend any money on these new models. That said, all hopes are now on the yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. A beefier specs sheet is required for it to pose a challenge to the upcoming iPad 3, rumored to be announced during the first week of March; that is, unless Apple decides to pull another "iPhone 4S" with an iPad 2S.