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Dice's Featured GeekCan you make a girl purr with your white hot vocabulary? Do boys fall to their knees and beg for more of your unbridled intellect? Are you a ferocious multi-hyphenate: writing code, project managing or designing apps by day and dancing tango at night, while spending Saturdays researching the reproductive lives of leafy seadragons and Sundays reading to the blind and playing competitive badminton? Even if your answer is a resounding NO to all the above, don’t despair. You too could be one of Dice's Featured Geeks. We don’t want subtle. We’re looking for hot buttered geeks with special sauce. If you’re a geek who works in tech and has a scintillating background with interests worth sharing, we want to know who you are. There’s no swag involved, but we'll share your virtuosity with the world, post pictures and links, and give your parents yet another reason to brag. So tell us why you're hot. And Geeky. Just send an email to (with "Featured Geek" in the subject line.