Main image of article BMW Self-Driving Car Hits the Autobahn
BMW is putting its ConnectedDrive Connect (CDC) self-driving car technology to the test on what is arguably the most famous highway in the world – the speed limit-free autobahn. So, the day when we can put our feet up on the homeward bound commute after a long day at work may be closer than you think. Outwardly, the CDC cars are supposed to look like a regular BMW 5 Series, so the array of four types of sensors, which include radar, cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound distance scanners have been tastefully incorporated into the car so that they are not easily noticeable. BMW estimates that self-driving technology may be only 10-15 years away – but if they are testing on the autobahn, chances are that the technology is almost ready for the public. Obviously the CDC technology will need to undergo many thousands of hours of rigorous real-world testing before it can be installed into vehicles. But the time frame would seem to be much longer than testing would require, so the 10-15 years figure is either a conservative estimate or the Munich-based automaker is trying to lull competitors into a false sense of security. [youtube=]