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Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash or gradually transition into a new career, the side gig has become an increasingly popular choice for many tech pros. But with so many side-gig options to choose from, how can you find something that fits your situation and goals? What are the important factors to consider? Two side-hustle masters shared their keys to success, as well as some worthwhile side jobs you may want to consider.

Find Your Side Hustle Sweet Spot

If you’re going to work a second job, choose something that you’re passionate about and that can realistically make you money, advised Grant Sabatier, author of “Financial Freedom” and creator of the “Millennial Money” website and community. Don’t limit yourself. Many professionals have been able to carve out their own niche in the burgeoning gig marketplace. “If you don’t like the skills or job you have now, use part-time gigs to build skills currency for the future,” he added. Sabatier is living proof that side hustlers can earn while they learn. He charged $500 for the first website he created while honing his craft, and upped the price to $50,000 for the next one. “To find your side-hustle sweet spot, list your hobbies, passions and interests on one side of the paper and your skills on the other side, then look for the overlaps,” Sabatier said. Seek opportunities that align with your income and lifestyle goals and interests, even if that takes you outside the technology field. There are other things to keep in mind when selecting a side gig. For example, be up-front about your intention to pursue a side hustle with your current boss or when you interview for full-time jobs, noted Joe Casabona, a web developer who carved out a career as an online educator while continuing to code on the side. As someone who started freelancing in high school, he recommends turning down full-time jobs that prohibit side hustling. Also, pursue a business idea or opportunity that is scalable if you want to build a company or become a “mini Uber” by farming out extra work to other side hustlers and independent contractors.

Interesting Side Gigs for Tech Pros

Programming, web design, or providing remote tech support are probably some of the first side hustles that come to mind for professionals with technical skills. But here are some high-paying side jobs that you may not have considered.

Dropshipping E-Commerce

With its low barrier to entry, dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to start a side e-commerce business with limited cash. It is also a great way for web developers and designers to expand into marketing, sales and e-commerce.


Do you have the gift of gab? Podcasting is where blogging was back in 2003 and 2004, Casabona noted. Indeed, there are currently over 630,000 podcasts, and listenership is growing daily. There’s also a huge demand for video content and video podcasts. After all, everyone loves a good talk about technology.

Managed IT Services

The going rate for providing a small business with a full range of digital solutions (from back-end web support to technical consulting, analytics and digital enablement) is $1,000 per month. Sabatier described a colleague who started out servicing a few clients on the side and now has a full-time business servicing 40 clients per month.

Online Education

Education marketplaces are flourishing on the web. There are countless opportunities to teach people what you know about technology by being an instructor, trainer or tutor. Alternatively, consider creating and selling an online course in your spare time.

Chatbot Builder

The global market for chatbots and virtual assistants is expected to reach $868 million by the end of 2023. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need advanced coding skills to cash in, if you use one of the latest “bot building” platforms.

WordPress Designer/Developer

If you have a strong understanding of both back-end and front-end development, consider moving to WordPress. According to SimplyHired, the average salary for WordPress jobs is $66,501. Not bad for a side hustle.