Main image of article Snapchat Using Its Own App to Poach Tech Pros
If you’re Snapchat, maker of the world’s most popular disappearing-message app, how do you poach software engineers and other tech pros? By using your own app, of course. According to Forbes, Snapchat has produced a geolocation filter, accessible at Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco, that overlays images with the words, “This place driving you mad?” and a link to Snapchat’s jobs page. “They’re a unique and playful form of recruiting,” a Snapchat spokesperson told the magazine. While Uber and Snapchat don’t compete in the same market—the former doesn’t seem interested in expanding beyond its core ride-sharing mission—they certainly need top-level tech engineers and other pros to handle their respective technology stacks. Poaching isn’t an uncommon thing in the tech industry, especially when overall unemployment is so low, but using apps and geolocation is an innovative spin on the practice.

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Image: Snapchat