Thanks to COVID-19, it’s anything but normal times right now. According to a new analysis of job-posting data, however, it seems that employers remain hungry for software developers and engineers, along with technologists who can build and maintain everything from networks to Java apps.

This data comes from Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country, and covers June 2020. As you can see, job postings for software developers/engineers greatly exceeded postings for network engineer/architect, systems engineer, Java developer/engineer, and other jobs.

We can draw a couple of conclusions from this data. First, it echoes similar data-pulls from Burning Glass over the past year, suggesting that employers’ needs haven’t radically changed despite global events. Second, the sheer variety of jobs—particularly in the top ten—hints that employers need technologists for every part of their operations, from maintaining networks and tech stacks to building products.

Considering the economic impact of COVID-19, this broad focus is heartening—and also, frankly, not unexpected. For example, even though startups tend to struggle during economic downturns, a number are hiring at the moment, according to crowdsourced data compiled by Big tech firms are still hiring; and Dice’s ongoing COVID-19 Sentiment Survey suggests that, among technologists who are employed full-time, roughly a third plan on actively looking for a new job within the next two weeks—suggesting that many sense opportunity out there.

No matter what the labor market, of course, it all comes down to a technologist’s particular skills, especially when the labor market is tight. If you’re currently on the hunt for a new job, make sure to tailor your résumé to take the pandemic and its impact on companies into account. For instance, now is a good time to emphasize your success with remote work, or how you’re known for designing software that saves companies a lot of money.