Main image of article Software Engineer Training in Just 18 Weeks
Software engineering takes some time to learn, given its complexities, but a new 18 week program is hoping to kick start software engineering careers in Detroit. The Wayne County Community College District in Harper Woods, Mich., has teamed up with Indian IT consultancy Infosys to offer an 18-week program to produce more software engineers for the Detroit region. Infosys tested the program already to train 14,000 entry-level software engineers in Mysore, India.  This will be the program's debut in the United States. To be fair, it's not the only program attempting to train new IT pros quickly. The Creating IT Futures Foundation, an offshoot of the IT industry association CompTIA, is creating a similar program involving eight weeks of training followed by a six-month apprenticeship. It's not calling its students "engineers," but perhaps that's quibbling. The training will be in two tracks: Java and .NET. Classes begin Monday, promising "hands-on experiences, project-based design and team development." The college's site and press release do not mention cost. The Indian outsourcing companies have been setting up shop in the United States to be closer to customers and with an eye toward developing goodwill. HCL Technologies, for instance, set up shop in Redmond, Wash., last fall near Microsoft and Boeing. It also spoke of teaming up with local community colleges to train workers. Though the college press release mentions that Forbes magazine ranked Infosys one of the most innovative companies in the world, Don Tennant, my colleague at IT Business Edge, has been covering the lawsuit by a U.S. employee who claims harassment and retaliation by Infosys after he accused the company of visa and tax fraud.