Main image of article In Space, a Laptop Doubles as a VR Headset
On Earth, the engineers and developers in charge of building the Oculus Rift and other virtual-reality headsets are concerned about weight: Who wants to strap on something so heavy it cricks their neck? But in space, weight isn’t an issue, which is why an astronaut can strap a laptop to his head via a heavy and complicated-looking rig and use it as a virtual-reality device. NASA astronaut Terry Virts recently did just that to train himself in the use of SAFER (Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue), a jetpack worn during spacewalks. (In the movie Gravity, George Clooney’s character uses a highly unrealistic version of SAFER to maneuver around a space shuttle.) Check out the latest virtual-reality jobs. While a laptop-as-VR-device can work in zero gravity, don’t try it at home; stick instead with something like Google Cardboard, which offers a similar experience at a fraction of the weight.

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Image: @AstroTerry