Main image of article What Is Rightsourcing in IT?

It’s considering both in-house and external resources for the best fit for a variety of tasks.

Rightsourcing considers in-house options and contractors to determine the most effective course of action. With rightsourcing, you find the right personnel for the right task at a competitive price. It ensures each aspect of your business contributes at its top value in a number of areas, including: 

  • Business focus and transformation
  • Cost
  • Flexibility
  • Quality

The Origins of Rightsourcing 

Rightsourcing began as outsourcing, a way for companies to meet client demands. This allowed companies to fulfill work contracts without expanding their internal staff. A corporation could contract quality work for its clients and expand its reach.

Rightsourcing relies on sound decision making for the right source for each task, considering both on-staff and outsourced assets for best results.

Comparing Rightsourcing, Insourcing, and Outsourcing 

Handling a task in-house or hiring a contractor? Rightsourcing is the act of both insourcing and outsourcing in your business. Here, we’ll examine what each means and explore the pros and cons of each.


Insourcing is when a business uses its own staff and internal resources to do a job it once outsourced. Doing so can ensure a higher quality product and cost effectiveness. But, you might need to expand your staff and resources and devote more time to project management.


Outsourcing is when a business leverages goods or services from a third party rather than using its own internal sources. It can reduce labor costs, provide a broader talent pool, and boost efficiency. But, you surrender some control and are subject to unexpected expenses and security risks. 


What is the most efficient way to provide a good or service — with your staff or through a contractor? You can decrease operational and recruitment costs and access experts outside your organization by rightsourcing. But no single provider is fit for every task, and if you choose the wrong one, you risk damage to your enterprise’s reputation.

The Benefits of Rightsourcing

Rightsourcing gives you excellent options for cost, expedience, manageability, quality, and more. Companies can expand their search for top-notch talent. Doing so can revolutionize a business in ways it couldn’t using only in-house resources.

Efficiency in Operations   

Moving complementary work to external specialists frees up staff for other tasks. With the right contractors, this delegation of duties should raise productivity. Some of the world’s most successful corporations have grown in part because of rightsourcing.

Cost Reduction and Risk Management 

You can control costs with a blend of insourcing and outsourcing. Quality standards and operational risk assessments are yours for all projects, and the benefit hinges on making sound choices for those you depend on to deliver on your behalf.

Fostering Innovation and Diversity  

No need to hire experts in all fields, especially when budgets are tight. Calling professionals outside your organization can sustain creativity within. It can produce a variety of ideas from sources you don’t have on staff.

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The Rightsourcing Process

Dedicating your company to rightsourcing is only the first step. Putting it into action the right way is the difference between success and failure. Here are steps to consider, and ways Techmate can help as it relates to IT rightsourcing.

1. Evaluate Business Functions and Processes

What are your core competencies?Rightsourcing must be strategic, and consider several factors, including:

  • Benefits
  • Cost
  • Risk

Having a trusted source for outsourcing, like Techmate if you need IT support, helps reduce the worry of hiring the wrong personnel for critical jobs.

2. Determine the Best Staffing Strategy 

Choosing whether or not to outsource is a critical step that requires a tactical approach. How do you manage tasks and collaboration among staff and contractors? For companies looking to augment their IT staff specifically, Techmate employs a team of experts with a variety of specialties to support where you need it most.

3. Implement Rightsourcing Solutions 

When you execute as a rightsourcing enterprise, you can prevent burnout on your team. Assigning tasks to those best aligned for them helps with staff retention and reduces the cost of attrition. 

Rightsourcing Strategies 

Rightsourcing is easier in manufacturing and general services. Work often requires skill sets that are easily trained and scaled out. It’s a big challenge in IT, which relies on highly skilled workers.

Rightsourcing in IT Industry 

IT is the most complex department within a firm. Agility matters, and not having the right personnel on a project can have deep implications. From information governance to system management, outsourced IT experts are essential to companies. 

Rightsourcing and outsourcing allow agile IT departments to fill critical roles and responsibilities. They can do this regardless of location and team size. And, it gives them the ability to scale as needed.

Through outsourcing, companies can complete projects five times faster. It can be less expensive in the long run vs. fees accrued from missing compliance deadlines.

Challenges in Rightsourcing 

With benefits come risks in rightsourcing. A standard of procedure and expectations are critical, as are agreement provisions. Transparency among your ranks, when possible, also helps.

Rightsourcing requires continual reassessment. Circumstances can shift, and market conditions could necessitate other changes, too.

If an outsource entity fails to produce, you’ll need a plan to bring those tasks back in-house. If tasks prove too challenging for staff, can you turn to other resources?

The Future of Rightsourcing 

A hybrid and more widespread workforce has affected business agility for years. For every industry and company, rightsourcing is a promising tool for growth. Entities in all sectors search for creative ways to expand their reach.

Non-employee workers can add to services rendered and handle essential tasks with expertise.

When implemented with data-driven analytics, rightsourcing can make a huge impact. This is especially true in intricate and developing industries like professional services and related sectors. For instance, Techmate can provide a variety of support, with experts at the top of their professions.

Techmate provides the help you need in your IT department. Unleash your growth potential with support from technicians trained with best-in-class expertise. Schedule a call with our team to see how Techmate can boost your business and support your rightsourcing efforts today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can rightsourcing be applied to all types of businesses or industries?

Rightsourcing is easier in the manufacturing and general services industries because you’re dealing with entry-level skill sets that you can train and scale out. It’s more difficult in an IT department that has more highly-skilled personnel.

How does rightsourcing differ from outsourcing?

Outsourcing excludes the advantages of keeping some tasks on staff. Rightsourcing considers in-house options and contractors to determine the most effective course of action. With rightsourcing, you find the right personnel for the right task at a competitive price.

What are the benefits of rightsourcing? 

Done right, rightsourcing can ensure you have a top team on the job to meet your business needs. It allows an enterprise to reach beyond its ranks to hire experts for excellent results. Rightsourcing offers opportunities for clients, businesses, and contractors who take on tasks.

This article was originally published on, written by Shannon Perry & Reviewed by Alex Koval, Chief Technical Officer at Techmate Technologies, Inc.