Main image of article Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Stories Ending by March 2022

Stack Overflow plans on discontinuing Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Stories by March 2022. 

The popular question-and-answer site will sunset its Developer Stories in late January, followed by the Salary Calculator in February. By March 31, all other features related to jobs (including job search, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, and job ads) will be removed. 

“As we considered the next stage of growth for us as a company, we went back to product fundamentals and asked ourselves: how can we leverage our unique position to solve real, meaningful problems for our users and customers?” Stack Overflow explained in a corporate blog posting. “While Talent & Jobs helped us get to where we are over the past decade, the talent acquisition space is not one where we have a strong competitive advantage.”

The posting added: “Exiting this space allows us to refocus on products that build on our core strengths: knowledge reuse and building communities at scale.”

In the meantime, Stack Overflow remains one of the world’s largest communities for software developers, just behind GitHub, according to a recent study by SlashData. If you’re just starting out as a developer or engineer, it’s a great place to find answers and feedback you might need for a particularly vexing coding question; if you’re an experienced technologist, it’s also a great forum for sharing your specialized knowledge with the world. 

If you’re on the job hunt this year, keep in mind that there are ways to streamline what’s often a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Figuring out the type of job you want ahead of time—and researching the companies that offer those sorts of jobs—will allow you to tailor your résumé and application materials to emphasize the skills and experience you’d need for such a role. 

Whether or not you maintain a presence on Stack Overflow, also make sure to edit your online profiles to present you in the best possible light. If you maintain a website with your work, it should feature your latest projects and best efforts; your GitHub presence (if you have one) should likewise have recent updates and pushes. 

As you move through the job-application process—especially if you’re applying to many companies—identify and track opportunities and activities using a spreadsheet or a tool such as a kanban board. And it’s never too early to rehearse your best responses to common job-interview questions. Good luck out there!