Starbucks CoffeeSince it entered the mobile space with the iPhone, Apple has made quite a number of enemies. The most notable may be Google. The former ally has become Apple's main rival, more so now that the Mountain View-based company announced its intention to acquire Motorola Mobility. One company has been on good terms with Apple since their first partnership in 2007: Starbucks. It's not like the coffee joint will release a "Starphone" in the foreseeable future, nor will the Frappuccino infringe on any of Apple's patents, but let's not get into that. Last week, Starbucks and Apple began offering paid iOS apps for free through its "Pick of the Week" promotion, similar to the free song downloads that have been in place since 2008. The next time you get your caffeine fix, look at the cash register for the "Pick of the Week" card with a paid app logo on the front. On the back is a code to redeem the app in the App Store. The first app to be featured in the promotion was Shazam Encore, a popular music identification app that will normally set you back $5.99. Source: CNET News Photo credit: Jorge Quinteros