[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOUCqag-rVI&w=560&h=315&wmode=window&h=315]

This video shows a demo of EMC’s newly announced Storage Resource Management Suite. The new tool, which I saw at VMworld 2012, allows you to analyze the health and storage performance of your virtual environment at every end point from your applications right down to your storage. Paula Swanson, a Product Marketing Manager at EMC, gave the demo, which shows an example of troubleshooting an Oracle application. She drills down through several screens to see where the trouble is. In this case, it was a lack of redundancy in running the application. This resulted in many instances where accessing storage caused traffic peaks. To solve such a situation, said Swanson, you could create a rule that insures redundancy from the Oracle instance all the way down to the storage. Take a look.