Main image of article Survey: What Details Do You Want to See in Tech Job Posts?
A tech job posting is meant to entice. It should draw you in, get you excited, and leave you hoping you get a call. But many postings miss the mark wildly. This failure isn’t limited to tech, but tech job postings often aren't all they can be. It’s a nuanced problem; sometimes recruiters posting the job don’t have all the necessary info, or the company posting for a position doesn’t know exactly what it’s looking for (at least, not yet). Such hand-wringing can cause one of the more annoying features (bugs, really) in job postings: buzzwords. Yes, the robust and scalable job you’re encouraged to apply for might be for machine learning, so please be prepared to show your experience with if-statements during the whiteboard interview (groan). Fudging the copy for a job posting has side effects. Data shows there’s a bit of (probably unintended) gender bias in job postings. The buzzword bingo often includes aggressive language such as “ninja,” which some think leads to more male applicants. Bullet-points versus well-written copy also attracts male applicants, says Textio. But it’s not all bad news. Even though buzzwords such as "artificial intelligence" grab eager eyes (and are possibly overused), they do represent actual jobs. Some platforms are also more job-ready than others: Siri and Alexa have more job postings than Google Assistant, for instance. We have to wonder if job postings have enough detail. Buzzwords in postings are the equivalent of article clickbait, and won’t ever stop – but should those listing jobs online be more upfront about what they're actually offering? In other words, should those postings surface some kind of salary range, even if there is a wide delta between the low and high markers? Should recruiters hold out for more info from companies looking for applicants, such as the framework or languages needed for the job? It’s your turn to be heard. The survey below asks what info you think job postings need. Do you want to know the salary range? The hiring process? Do you think job postings are fine as they are? Let us know! We’ll publish our results in a future article.