Main image of article Survey: What Worries You Most About the Tech Interview Process?

The tech interview process is typically long and arduous. You’ll likely have to talk to several people throughout the company, and perform some sort of whiteboard or take-home work. Out of all those steps, what’s your biggest concern? This week, our survey focuses on whatever parts of the tech interview process turn you off the most. Maybe it’s the weeks (or months!) you spend scheduling calls and interviewing with people you don’t know. It can all take hours you can’t recoup. Or perhaps your chief concern is the dreaded whiteboard. The oft-maligned whiteboard coding interview is among the more dreaded elements of tech job hunting. Though some companies have switched to pair coding or take-home projects as ways to evaluate candidates, the whiteboard is still used by many an interviewer. Social media could also have you worried. Though we’ve cautioned you to clean up your social media presence before applying for jobs, there’s still some consternation in that arena; what if you tweeted something really stupid, like, four years ago... and the prospective employer digs it up? Worse, what if you do clean up your Facebook or Twitter history, and they see that as a warning sign? There’s also the danger of being stumped – or more directly, how you deal with being stumped in a tech interview. Sitting in front of a panel of people who have the same idea of how to proceed with a particular problem is daunting when you’re asked to provide your solution. Then there’s one of the last hurdles: your old (or current) employer. Is your prospective employer going to ask you some "off the record" questions about your old company? Is that really stupid joke you made in a meeting last year going to resurface and cost you a job? Did they manage to chat with that one manager who doesn’t like you for some weird reason? References can be one of the deepest, darkest black holes of any job interview process. Let us know what the most dreaded part of the tech interview process is for you! We ask that you choose one answer for this quiz before clicking ‘submit’ (we know, it says ‘select all that apply,’ but please ignore that; just pick one answer). As always, we’ll be publishing our findings in a future article, so stay tuned!