Main image of article Survey: Do You Even Care About Tech Events?
It’s springtime, which always means one thing for tech pros: industry events. Some are intimate and small, others are massive and daunting. As we head into the thick of it all, Dice wants to know how you feel about these gatherings. The ‘big three’ start next week. Google and Microsoft will hold their events in Mountain View and Seattle, respectively. (Sadly, the companies don’t coordinate, so they land on the same dates; being at both for the duration isn’t going to be possible.) Apple’s WWDC conference is a month later (June 4-8). It’s being held in San Jose again this year, and it's notable for spawning a small cottage industry of events just outside the event space: Try! Swift, AltConf, NextDoor, and Layers all take place within walking distance of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center that hosts WWDC. Other huge companies are in the mix. Facebook’s F8 conference is happening as we write this article. It’s a two-day event, typically focused on casual fun more than hard tooling for Facebook’s platform. Uber’s ‘Elevate Summit’ is in Los Angeles the same time that Google and Microsoft hold their own events. If we dig through the entire event calendar, May alone has over 60 tech-centric events worldwide. It’s impressive, but we only have one question: Do you even care? The questionnaire below asks just that. It also delves into what events you’re interested in (if not the bigger ones). Of course, with at least some of these shows, you could just livestream it all and forgo the expense and travel. Whatever the case, we want to know how you – the tech pros who have the most to gain from tech events – feel about them. Love them? Hate them? Not interested because you’re a PHP dev and nothing meaningful has happened with your language and platform of choice for a long time? Let us know!