Main image of article Tango Video Chat App to Hit PC in Weeks
Apple's video call app, Facetime, has gotten increasingly less attractive over time, thanks to third-party video apps like Tango. Since it works only on Apple devices and only over Wi-Fi, Facetime is far from the most convenient solution, especially users are on the go. Apps like Tango break the barrier by enabling video calls over 3G networks, not being limited to Apple devices: They work with the ever-growing Android troops. Now, Tango wants to widen its reach with a Windows version, which it promises "later this summer." Tango has an edge over Skype on smartphones, in the sense that it matches and populates  contact lists automatically, eliminating the need for Skype names and awkward requests. As long as your friends and family's number is in your phone's contact list, and they have Tango installed, initiating a video call is a tap away. According to its blog, Tango on PC will probably work on the same concept. Since it says logins and passwords aren't required, it'll probably only need a one-off mobile number verification.
You will be able to Tango between Windows PC, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch, iPad, and hundreds of Android phones and tablets. The new PC product is mobile-centric with the same look and feel as Tango on the phone. It’s simple to register. There is no log in or password, just type in your mobile number and you are done.
Tango has reportedly attracted 18 million users since its inception last September. By releasing the app on a platform that holds more than 80 percent PC market share, that number is sure to surge going forward. Sources: Tango, WSJ