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The next episode of the Tech Connects podcast is here! Every month, we have great guests who share their expertise about the current state of the tech careers world, from the hottest tech skills to the state of the tech hiring market to what companies are doing to retain and attract top talent.

Our latest ‘Tech Connects’ guest is Josh Millet, who’s founder + CEO of Criteria, which builds assessments and tools so that organizations can make objective, evidence-based talent decisions. When done right, good assessments should drive great hiring outcomes while reducing bias. But how do you create a truly objective assessment? How can companies adjust their hiring processes to boost hiring successes and retention while reducing turnover? Let’s listen in! 

Even under ideal circumstances, hiring is a tricky and stressful process for pretty much everybody involved, so it’s interesting to talk to people like Josh who are trying to revolutionize the process. Here are some key takeaways from our discussion:

First, any company can set up a hiring process that minimizes the potential for bias, especially if they focus on a structured and rigorous process based around the job’s objective aspects. For example, the tools and languages involved in software engineering. Quantifiable assessments and an evidence-based approach can help organizations hire the most effective talent.

Second, even though offices are opening back up, many organizations have embraced the idea of doing at least some hiring interviews via video. As Josh explained, many are doing the initial interview over Zoom, then moving to in-person for the final interviews. For managers and tech professionals, that means maintaining and perfecting both your video and in-person interviewing skills. 

Third, there’s a growing movement behind using assessments to inform growth, development, and teambuilding. If you’re a manager and you’re concerned about your team’s morale, consider an assessment-based approach to evaluating their happiness and willingness to leave.

We’ll see you next time—and remember, Dice is your best resource to find the tech talent you need to fill your open roles, and for technologists, the best place to grow your tech career.