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The next episode of the Tech Connects podcast is here! Every month, we’ll have great guests who will share their expertise about the current state of the tech careers world, from the hottest tech skills to the state of the tech hiring market to what companies are doing to retain and attract top talent. 

Our next great guest is Sachin Gupta, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of HackerEarth. Sachin is a former software developer at Google and Microsoft. A developer by trade, he is passionate about the developer community and ensuring every developer is connected with the right opportunity. Sachin was named in 2016's Forbes 30 Under 30 List of Entrepreneurs in Asia.

In Sachin’s episode, we discuss the current tech hiring landscape, including how technical interviews are evolving, the skills that technologists need to land the job, and much more that’s potentially useful as you pursue your next career move:

As you’ll hear Sachin talk about, there are many different routes for technologists to achieve their career dreams, but it all comes down to technical mastery. Show employers that you have what it takes to do the job — whether in a technical interview or a hackathon — and your chances of an offer will increase exponentially. 

When you’re done listening to the episode, you can also check out HackerEarth’s 2021 Developer Survey for some additional data on how software developers are approaching the market in terms of education, target industries, and much more (they're also offering a survey for State of the Developer Ecosystem 2022 if you want to sound off).