Main image of article Tech Management Roles in Rising Demand Among Employers

If you’re interested in unlocking the most opportunities when it comes to tech jobs, consider management: A new analysis suggests that some of the roles with the biggest demand are managerial in nature.

According to Emsi Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country, software developer/engineer remains the most in-demand tech job. However, project managers, program managers, IT project managers, product managers, project coordinators and other managerial roles are collectively the hiring focus of many companies. Check out the chart below, which tracks job posting data over the past 90 days:

In order to become a successful manager, of course, you’ll have to master a skillset beyond the technical. For example, you’ll need “soft skills” such as empathy and communication to communicate complex concepts (and deadlines) to stakeholders throughout a particular organization. You’ll also need great problem-solving and project-management capabilities.

Job interviews for managerial roles will often ask how you dealt with challenges in your previous roles, as well as the steps you’d take to implement a successful project. As companies figure out how to re-open, you’ll also need to demonstrate that you’re capable of managing hybrid and all-remote teams, which can require different patterns of engagement and communication with team members (i.e., overcommunication is vital to make all-remote employees feel like they’re truly part of a team). 

For those technologists interested in pursuing a management track, it’s helpful to remember that manager roles can offer heightened compensation, particularly at tech giants such as Google. Keep in mind, though, that manager jobs are often complicated, and you’ll spend just as much time wrangling people as you will on technical problems. For many technologists, that might mean adopting a totally new professional mindset.