Main image of article Tech Professional Demand Rises in Boston

Boston has always been a tech hub, thanks to a constant pipeline of talent from world-class universities and a cluster of prominent companies churning out new innovations. According to new data, the city’s popularity among technology professionals might be climbing even higher.

CompTIA’s monthly jobs report suggests that Boston saw the biggest increase in tech job postings between September and October, outpacing other prominent tech hubs such as New York City, San Francisco, and San Jose. Take a look at the chart:

Meanwhile, Massachusetts led California, New York, Virginia, and other tech-centric states in tech job posting growth. Like other states, Massachusetts has devoted considerable resources to attracting tech companies and investment over the past several years—efforts that are potentially paying off.

Boston’s tech community benefits from its proximity to Harvard, MIT, and other institutions known for producing smart technology professionals; many of those newly minted techies also find their way to other local industries, including finance and biotech. Over the past few years, Boston has also attracted more venture capital attention, making the city increasingly attractive for startups looking to set down roots.

Prominent tech employers in Boston include Amazon (which added thousands of employees to its Boston Tech Hub in 2021), Stack Overflow, Chewy, DataRobot, Valo Health, Akamai, and many more. (And who could forget Boston Dynamics, creators of the world’s most terrifying robots?)

Despite headlines about layoffs and generalized fears of an oncoming recession, the tech unemployment rate only ticked up slightly to 2.2 percent in October, according to CompTIA. “The data is roughly in line with expectations,” said Tim Herbert, chief research officer at CompTIA, wrote in a statement accompanying that data. “Tech hiring activity remains steady, but there are undoubtedly concerns of a slowing economy.”