Main image of article Tech Skills: SQL, Project Management Top Employers' Must-Have List

It’s the beginning of summer and the weather’s changing—but the tech skills most desired by employers remain the same. If you’re a technologist who’s mastered the principles of software engineering and project management, many companies may want your talents.

According to Emsi Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes data from millions of job postings, project management, SQL, software development/engineering, and Python topped the list of tech skills most requested by employers over the past 90 days. Take a look at the full chart:

Project managers are certainly in demand; According to Emsi Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes job postings from across the country, organizations have posted some 319,856 open project manager positions over the past 12 months, and average time to fill an open role is 39 days. PayScale data shows tech-centric project managers make nearly $90,000 per year on average, with a range reaching $129,000 annually; Emsi Burning Glass puts the overall median salary for project managers a bit lower, at $77,584 per year.

The continuing presence of SQL on lists of the most-needed tech skills should come as no surprise; companies everywhere need SQL, the programming language for managing and querying relational databases, to help manage and mine their in-house data for valuable insights. The median compensation for SQL-related jobs is $92,000, rising to $122,000 and above with the right combination of skills and experience. 

Whatever skills you choose, it’s clear from the data that employers everywhere need technologists who can not only help architect and maintain systems, apps, and services, but who also have the “soft skills” (such as empathy and communication) necessary to explain their company’s technology needs to stakeholders. During job interviews, do your best to show how you can use your skills to help a prospective employer fulfill their strategies and goals.