Main image of article These Technologies are Seeing the Biggest Salary Upswings

The annual Dice Salary Survey is a good chance to evaluate where you stand with regard to pay. It also allows us to take a look at which technologies pay tech pros best (and which industries aren't keeping up).

Here are the top ten technologies that pay best:

The five technologies at the very top of the list were up year-over-year (YoY), with only MapReduce seeing less than three percent growth.

When we examine which technologies have seen the largest uptick YoY, a trend emerges: cloud computing and offsite data storage seem to be the newest land-rush for tech companies. Here are the five technologies with the largest salary upswing in 2017:


While the Dice Salary Survey doesn't detail which technologies pay worst, we can still glean a thing or two about which segments are least lucrative. The average annual income for tech pros is just under $93,000. Two industries – non-profit and education – pay well below that average; non-profit tech pro jobs pull around $74,220, while tech pros with education gigs can expect to earn $70,158 annually.

Jobs with distributors and wholesale companies pay just over $80,000 per year, down a full ten percent YoY. The hospitality and travel industry is also trending down, with its 6.3 percent dip in salary yielding tech pros an annual average of $81,370 in 2017.

Your own circumstances may be different, of course; some tech pros with specialized skills can expect to earn quite a bit above the average, even in industries ostensibly on the decline. 

What can we learn from the above data? Offsite storage and cloud solutions are hot right now, as more and more companies shift their processes and data from on-premises to the cloud. As a result, these are good technologies to learn more about, even in a very generalist way.