Main image of article Technologists Still Upbeat About Employers' COVID-19 Response

It’s fair to say that most companies never anticipated a scenario like COVID-19. If there’s been one constant over the past six months, it’s that many executives, managers, and team leaders have reacted quickly to the pandemic’s twists and turns, from ensuring remote workers have the equipment they need to altering companies’ tech stacks to reflect a rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape.  

At least, that’s the conclusion we can draw from the latest survey from Blind, which anonymously queries technologists at some of the country’s biggest firms about their lives. With few exceptions (namely, Oracle and Walmart), it seems that the majority of these mega-companies have taken technologists’ work-from-home needs into account amidst the pandemic:

Of course, companies have a vested interest in ensuring that their technologists have the hardware, software, bandwidth, and other tools necessary to actually do their jobs. Another (and arguably bigger) question is whether these companies effectively communicated with employees during these turbulent times. And again, with few exceptions, it seems a majority of technologists felt their firms rose to that transparency challenge. Check out the chart: 

It also seems (at least in the eyes of respondents) that their companies adapted well to a new, remote-centric world. This makes sense, as these are either technology companies or firms in which technology factors heavily into daily operations; it stands to reason that they would adjust quickly to a majority of employees continuing operations from home:

These results from Blind dovetail neatly with those from Dice’s ongoing Sentiment Survey, which has found that technologists have been generally impressed with their firms’ responses to the pandemic. As more offices open up and technologists begin to head back in, it will be interesting to see whether this confidence and optimism holds. 

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