Main image of article Technology Jobs in Finance and Insurance are Heavy on Data Skills

It’s no wonder that finance and insurance companies are always on the hunt for highly skilled technologists for jobs. These companies must collect, organize, and analyze massive amounts of data; predict how markets will swing; and create software that serves customers’ needs while obeying all kinds of regulations.

But which skills are particularly in demand at the moment within finance and healthcare? For an answer, we turn to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country. Here’s the breakdown of most-requested skills within those industries over the past 90 days:

The demand for SQL (structured query language) makes sense, since these industries are database-centric and SQL is foundational to so many companies’ data operations. SQL allows technologists to modify a database’s index structures, retrieve information, and generate new tables.

The prevalence of project management and software development also makes sense, as these companies consider how to bring complex projects to life. As you might expect, some of the world’s most popular programming languages—including Java, Python, and JavaScript—power many industry applications; you’ll need to know at least one of them to land many jobs.

Which finance and insurance companies are hiring? Fortunately, Burning Glass also provides us with data about that:

As you can see, a broad range of finance and insurance firms are hungry for technologists right now, which is good news. Some of these companies are even getting into cutting-edge stuff, such as Goldman Sachs’ exploration of quantum computing. Depending on your skill set, chances are good there’s a role for you; but as with all industries, specialization can help set you apart from other candidates.