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Black KeyboardMore evidence the tech-job landscape is changing: Full-time IT departments will be supplemented or replaced by far-flung contractors or teams that are thrown into projects on-the-fly. That comes from The Evolving Workforce Report, which was commissioned by Dell and Intel. Expect the 9 to 5 workday to continue fading away, and your performance to be gauged by output instead of hours. Managers may look at it this way: The upsides include flexibility, 24/7 operation, cost reduction, and productivity improvements. The downsides: platform conflicts, a lack of institutional knowledge, and the logistics of assigning, tracking and managing legions of disparate workers.
From an organizational standpoint, IT managers will need to acclimate to forming and managing teams of potential strangers—at times representing different nationalities and cultures—charged with working together on a single task, only to be disbanded when the project is complete, the report says. This approach "makes it increasingly difficult for companies to build a unified workforce, sharing common values and goals."
This could well spell the end of IT job security, not that it’s been so great lately anyway. You might find yourself in a constant state of competition with other experts from Sacramento, Sicily or Singapore. Even worse: "
The gap will widen between the best workers and the worst in terms of opportunities and earnings, contributing to greater income inequality and therefore potential social unrest.
These are dynamics that are important to understand. So download the entire 15-page report here.