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The debate over H-1Bs is both important and emotional. Given that it involves our jobs, that's no surprise. However, it's also an issue infused with myths and posturing, which is why we decided to produce this special report. We want to debunk the myths and set out the facts, describe the realities of the program as they are, not as someone wants them to be. H-1B Special Report Put together in large part by Associate Editor Dawn Kawamoto, The Facts Behind H-1Bs presents how the program works, how it plays out across the tech workforce, and how it influences our economy. We've included voices on all sides of the issue, from corporations and professional groups to an H-1B who shares his experiences, good and bad, as a professional pursuing opportunities far from home. Today, we begin with an in-depth look at the H-1B program's background, proposals for reform and an outline of current guest worker programs. Come back Thursday, Friday and Monday, when we'll share opinions from people directly involved in the debate. The Special Report:

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