Main image of article These Cutting-Edge Technologies Interest You the Most

Last month, we asked which emerging technologies interested you the most. That’s a critical issue for many technologists, since some of these technologies will eventually go mainstream—and impact their future career prospects.

Based on our survey data, it’s clear that technologists are intensely curious about A.I./machine learning and the next generation of cloud/edge technologies. Smaller but significant percentages are also interested in wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT). Here’s the handy breakdown:

The cloud, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly pervasive in daily life—millions of people use smart devices in their home, strap smartwatches to their wrists, and work via cloud platforms. More companies are also figuring out how to deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence to make their apps and services “smarter.” That’s great news for the technologists interested in them: technologies with more users are far less likely to fade away anytime soon.

Even if you master an emerging technology, though, you need to spend considerable time and resources to keep your skills up-to-date. For a massive and complex subindustry such as the cloud, that’s often an intense process. Fortunately, there’s an extensive ecosystem of online documentation to back up many of these technologies. 

It’s also crucial to pay attention to how companies are using these technologies. For instance, many organizations are testing out A.I. and machine learning in a sales and customer service context, where their investments in these expensive technologies can (hopefully) translate into a relatively quick return. Understanding the most popular use-cases for new technologies can help you tailor your learning and skills to meet employers’ needs—and generate opportunities for you well into the future.