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Which industries hired the most technology professionals in November?

According to CompTIA’s monthly Job Report, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services posted the most jobs for tech professionals, followed by Finance and Insurance, Manufacturing, and ‘Information.’ Take a look at the full chart:

It’s always important to note that, despite the scary headlines about recessions and layoffs, many companies in many industries are still hiring technology professionals of all stripes. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data analyzed by CompTIA, the tech unemployment rate stood at 2 percent last month“The hotter-than-anticipated tech jobs report confirms there are still many more employers hiring tech talent than shedding it,” Tim Herbert, chief research officer at CompTIA, wrote in a statement accompanying that data. “It’s certainly premature to dismiss concerns over the health of the economy, but this should be a reassuring sign for the tech workforce.”

Organizations in all industry sectors added 137,000 tech occupations. Top jobs included IT services and custom software development (+8,100 jobs), data processing, hosting and related services (+4,100), other information services including search engines (+2,100), and computer and electronic products manufacturing (+1,900). Organizations also need technology professionals who specialize in harder-to-find skills such as DevOps and data analytics.

Bottom line: many organizations in virtually every industry need tech professionals. Landing a job in an industry such as manufacturing, healthcare or finance usually requires specialized knowledge on top of your tech abilities; for example, if you’re applying for a job as a software engineer at a healthcare company, chances are good you’ll need at least some knowledge of HIPAA and patient confidentiality (especially if you’re being tasked with building any kind of patient database). Given the universal demand for tech talent, many companies might also be willing to train you on the job for an industry’s specific needs.