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Which tech companies pay software engineers the most? It’s easy to see why that question pops up again and again in software engineering circles., which regularly crowdsources compensation data from tech professionals, has an updated list of the top-paying companies for software engineers, and as you might expect, the list seems dominated by A.I. giants, financial firms, and FAANG companies:

It’s not stunning that OpenAI tops this list. The company, which is a close partner with Microsoft and produces ChatGPT, the A.I.-powered chatbot, needs highly specialized talent—and that talent can pretty much demand its price. OpenAI must also keep its A.I. specialists away from rivals such as Google, which is another factor driving this sky-high compensation.

It’s also not surprising and financial and fintech firms such as Coinbase, Stripe, and Hudson River Trading would likewise take up so many spots on this list; all of these companies need top-quality software engineers with highly specialized skills, and they have to pay to get them.

Of course, not every software engineer can land a job at this handful of lucrative companies. However, with the right training, you can find yourself in tech roles that tend to yield superior compensation. Dice’s latest edition of the Tech Salary Report breaks down which types of engineers, managers, and other specialists earn more than the average tech professional. Here’s that list:

The top tech occupations by salary generally have a few things in common. As you can see, many are leadership positions (CEO, CIO, CTO); others are tasked with guiding companies through big projects and digital transformation (solutions architect, principal software engineer, program analyst). Specialized technical skills can unlock opportunities that pay quite a bit, as can leaning into cutting-edge arenas such as data and A.I.